Common goods for health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has underlined the important role of the Common Goods for Health (CGH) program in addressing various health-related problems in the world. Under this, not only can the health of a country be improved, but also on the fiscal front it can prove to be helpful for any economy. In this perspective, this program can also prove to be important for India.

Common Goods for Health: Concept

common goods for health

Under CGH, collective intervention is done on the basis of population, in which government as well as non-governmental organizations are considered to be involved. The following things are covered under CGH-

  • Policy and Coordination: This includes planning and management of emergency services, formulation of policy on health safety and environmental risks, formulation of policy and strategies for prevention of diseases, etc.
  • Tax and Subsidy: Changing the mentality of the people by operating the products which are beneficial from health point of view or which have adverse effect on health.
  • Formulation of Laws and Regulations: Effective regulation of medical products through regulations, legislation by creating laws on biodiversity, water and air pollution and protecting them and preparing appropriate standards for health services and healthcare providers.
  • Public services: sewage treatment plant, better implementation of medical and solid waste management, taking measures to prevent carriers who spread various diseases, etc.

Better prevention than treatment

goods for health

There has often been a problem of unilateral approach to health in the world. The notion of treatment after prolonged illness has been emphasized. The other side of the disease in which prevention and prevention are talked about was not given special attention. Everyone in the society is in favor of the idea that the disease should be stopped before it starts so that the costs arising from the disease can be eliminated. However, due to greater emphasis on treatment of groups dedicated to healthcare in various countries, prevention was not given much priority. Among other factors responsible for this is the lack of better coordination in the country’s policies and their implementation. CGH not only emphasizes on defense side but also emphasizes on better implementation of various departments of the government.

Why is Common Goods for Health necessary?

common goods

In the fast changing world, many challenges have arisen in front of the world. Some time ago, Ebola exposed the preparations for the world’s epidemic. Similarly, AIDS also emerged as a crisis before the world. Air pollution and water crisis in relation to India can also be seen in this context. The WHO believes that the above problems, including worldwide epidemics, can be controlled if we pay special attention to a program like World CGH.

Fiscal stimulus for governments

Due to limited resources of the government, it is able to spend limited on various essential areas like education, health, capital expenditure etc. If governments emphasize CGH in their country, it will reduce the number of sick people, which will reduce public expenditure, resulting in less pressure on the government on the fiscal front. It is worth noting that in the last few decades, there has been a huge increase in the payments made by the government to health insurance companies. Apart from this, most of the budget of the health sector which is spent on the treatment of diseases will be used to provide better health services to the people.

Importance of CGH for India

concept of common goods

There has been a serious problem in the health sector in India since long, for this, India’s health expenditure has also been increasing. The Ayushman Bharat scheme has been implemented by the government some time ago, the government is likely to increase its spending significantly as a result of this scheme. On one hand the government’s expenditure in the field of health is increasing, on the other hand, rapid progress has not been made in the health improvement of the people of India. If the concept of Common Goods for Health is emphasized in India, then the above problem can be solved. At the same time, by taking a step forward in the field of health, at the place of treatment of the disease, it can be moved towards its origin or prevention. This will increase the public health of India, which in turn will also give a boost to India’s economic development.

Challenges of CGH

It is important to note that Common Goods for Health is a multi-faceted concept, in which various ministries, departments and civil society play an important role. CGH can be made possible only by proper coordination between them. It is worth noting that in developing countries like India, the main problem is not only about good governance but also about awareness due to low level of education among the people. If the government establishes better coordination between its organs and motivates various ministries to adopt such programs, then the above problem can be solved.

The conclusion

It is known that many problems such as air pollution, water crisis, worldwide pandemic are standing before the world. But there is a lack of proper vision before the world to deal with these problems, as a result the world is becoming sensitive towards such problems. The concept of Common Goods for Health, propounded by the World Health Organization, offers an appropriate solution to the above challenge. In this, not only diseases but also problems arising due to environmental degradation can be prevented before they arise. The WHO has, in its recent statement, determined that this concept will also help various countries to meet the fiscal challenge, as well as to accelerate the pace of the economy. But to make this concept successful, it is necessary to have better policy coordination between the government and effective implementation of the programs.

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